The Casino theme party has a lot in common with gangster and Moulin Rouge parties. The beauty is that you do not depend on the weather and can organize an original birthday party in winter, breaking off the summer “lucky ones” who are fixated on barbecue and the beach.

The main task is to convey the charm of the 30-40s, when beautiful green tables were placed in the underground room, forbidden drinks and dubious from the point of view of law and morality entertainment for the elite were offered.

There should be a special atmosphere – intriguing, forbidden and gambling! Men smoke thick cigars, like the heroes of Al Pacino and Mickey Rourke. Women – thin graceful cigarettes in a mouthpiece, sipping martinis, sexually biting olives and alcohol-soaked cherries, catching a seductive look at the “bad guys”.

A board game party involves a continuous test of intelligence, ingenuity, speed, ingenuity and excitement. It is also worth clarifying that this is far from a budget birthday option. But original and effective!

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Menu and Drinks

Bulky tables and “heavy” food are inappropriate for such a holiday. Most games dictate composure, attention, and quick reactions.

What is the reaction and sharpness of mind after pork chops and hearty pilaf with lamb?

Guests, of course, should not go hungry either: prepare a generous buffet with a decent assortment of sandwiches, canapes, various envelopes with cheese, caviar, and sauces. As well as fruits, berries, themed sweets.

Alcoholic drinks: champagne, cognac, martini, whiskey.

Non-alcoholic drinks: assorted juices, tea, coffee, milk and fruit cocktails.

Do not forget about themed table decoration – an important and effective element of recreating the “thematic atmosphere”.
What will help to make the birthday original, as conceived
Keep the charm of the right, multiple casino-style acting relationships and pretentious quirks for the first couple of hours. What is meant:

Greeting guests should correspond to the style of the whole idea: at the entrance, the doorman strictly asks for a password to enter the party and, after receiving the correct answer, takes the outerwear of all VIP guests (and all invited, of course, are of the “VIP” category).
While your friends are not in full force, offer champagne and light snacks. Everyone should get used to the environment and feel comfortable.

Hire a professional dealer!

The croupier is a mysterious image, the right hand of Lady Luck, the left hand of Bluff and dexterity, an impeccable master of playing art. Becoming a croupier in a good establishment is more of an honor than an ordinary job. Such a person should have many special qualities: tall (comfortable at the gambling table), impeccable posture, diction, long dexterous fingers and the ability to shuffle playing cards in several ways!

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